As it was said in the Biography, Isidro owns a degree in Education in Music. 


He feels specially at home with adults and enthousiastic beginners, with whom he can share and transmit his passion about music, in order to create a vibrant and possitive atmosphere at the lesson. 

Classical violin and viola players who are curious and avid for learning the Baroque style are more than welcome.


Isidro also teaches music theory for beginners. He sees Solphége, Harmony and Counterpoint as tools that he can use with the students, for them to understand how music is built. He always connects and relates the theory with the instrument, so the pupil can have a global vision and comprehension of the art of music, instead of isolated pieces of knowledge without any sense. 


Lessons can be arrange according to the suitability.


For further information, like availability, special wishes/needs of the student or rates, please don't hesitate to Contact.