Amsterdam Corelli Collective are a vibrant and energetic ensemble of fourteen young musicians who perform without conductor.

The ensemble pays tribute to Arcangelo Corelli, whose works were published in Amsterdam. Using his compositions and the surrounding repertoire of the concerto grosso and orchestral string music from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the ensemble inspires fresh performances and programming.



The orchestra Volvemos is a young ensemble founded by Alba Encinas dedicated to baroque and classical repertory between seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, based on historical informed performances.

What makes it special is that every professional musician that is part of it lives outside of Spain and they want to show in their homeland what they did abroad. Because of that, this orchestra has the goal of gathering musicians to Spain in order to offer several concerts, showing what they learnt in other lands and cultures, and delighting their audience with its great quality.  



The Imperfect Pearl was born as the result of an old dream shared by Milena Cord-to-Krax and Isidro Albarreal. They met when they were doing their studies in Sevilla, and their chemistry and enjoyment playing together quickly popped up.


Their destinies brought them to different parts of Europe (Sevilla for Milena and Amsterdam for Isidro) making it difficult for both of them to create a project together. But when Milena finished her studies in 2018 she got total freedom to move and this was when our beloved project started. Very fast, our dear friends Gabriele Levi and Inés Salinas joined our idea by adding their amazing playing, good taste and wonderful energy.